Terms & Conditions

This Agreement is between the client being supplied a product or service 

Herein referred to as "Client"


Catalyst Agency Limited

Littlelands, Bingley BD16 1AL

Herein referred to as "Catalyst Agency"



A. Catalyst Agency is and will be defined by the company name and address on each invoice or quote issued in accordance with work carried out and pursuant to that company and country's law.

B. Client wishes to engage Catalyst Agency, on an independent contractor basis, to render and arrange for the carrying out of a production (the "Video"), and / or other marketing and promotional activities listed, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement;

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the covenants contained herein and for other good and valuable consideration (the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged), the parties here to agree as follows:


1.1 Video Production

In accordance with the 'supplied' quote Catalyst Agency hereby agrees, subject to the terms hereof, to perform all pre-production, production and post production services necessary to complete the Video and to deliver the Video in accordance with Catalyst Agency discussions/meetings/video conferences held and quotes / estimates supplied, including;

a) the supply, provision and application of technical knowledge and expertise necessary to produce the Video;

b) the preparation of a script for narration, unless otherwise agreed will be supplied by Catalyst Agency and based on briefing document supplied by the Client - which must be duly agreed signed off and returned by client to Catalyst Agency to confirm that recording may begin

unless otherwise agreed to be supplied by client - which must be duly agreed signed off and returned by client to Catalyst Agency to confirm that recording may begin

c) the preparation and production of background music, unless specifically requested to be supplied by client* 

*music supplied by the client must contain proof of license for use.  

d) the engagement of crew, studio and other necessary facilities and services required for the production of the Video;

e) the supply, provision and application of all above and below the line pre-production and production materials, services, equipment, and all other elements and personnel necessary to produce the Video (herein for convenience, collectively referred to as "Services and Facilities"), including, without limitation, all necessary audio visual equipment and production personnel,

f) additional wardrobe, props, special effects and cast members will be quoted in writing as an additional cost and service prior to production commencement;

g) Video productions master copies (which have had the watermark removed) will be sent digitally to client within approximately 7 days from payment for the completed Video unless otherwise specified in writing or e-mail and or delayed by extended additional  amendments, and / or other circumstances beyond the control of Catalyst Agency.



2.1 Catalyst Agency agrees that it shall produce the Video and render the Production Services in accordance with the following requirements and specifications:

a) Video Specifications: The Video shall be produced in accordance with Catalyst Agency  written communication and discussions between Catalyst Agency and the Client.


b) Client Approval Rights: All major content decisions in connection with the Video shall be made by Client by completion of and in accordance with the briefing document and information supplied prior to production and also any hands on assistance received during production. Failure to supply such and comply shall render rights of review and final product approval void.

c) Inclusion of Features: Catalyst Agency will endeavour to, but cannot guarantee, that all requests made within the briefing document will be included in the final standard length video production, and will advise whether additional footage will be required in order to cover all features in a standard or otherwise ordered length of video production.

d) Artistic and Creative License: Client agrees that Catalyst Agency will reserve rights to decide on final artistic and creative impression and design of video presentation.

e) Review of Script: Each Script will be supplied to client for one review and / or amendment and approval with final sign off prior to recording. All requests for amends must be made in writing or e-mail. Additional reviews are liable to incur charges at the discretion of Catalyst Agency Ltd as set out in each quote or contract. Failure to confirm approval of script within the agreed period will result in recording and production to final edit regardless and rights any further review of such shall be void.

f) Review of Video: A watermarked final copy of the video will be posted for online viewing (length permitting) or alternatively a watermarked .mp4 file will be supplied to Client for one review and opportunity of amendment of the final product. All requests for amends must be made in writing or e-mail. Additional reviews are liable to incur additional charges at the discretion of Catalyst Agency as set out in each quote or contract. Failure to approve or make amendment requests on final product within 7 days will be understood as confirmation of approval of final video and will result in final edit regardless at the discretion of Catalyst Agency.

g) Failure to comply within review clauses above will void any other rights of first review, amendment or use of final product by client.

Storage of Footage / Hard Drive Space

Catalyst Agency reserves the right to charge for storage of footage and hard drive space or cancel the project without refund of any monies, in the event that the post production project is delayed by the client beyond 21 days.



a) Compliance with Applicable Laws: Catalyst Agency shall comply with all applicable laws, statutes, rules, regulations and requirements of all governmental agencies and regulatory bodies and shall duly and promptly apply for and provide all necessary consents, licenses and permits which may be required by any governmental agency or authority of competent jurisdiction in connection with this Agreement and the production of the Video unless otherwise discussed and agreed with the Client for them to do the same. 

b) Local Permits and Passes: Client is responsible for obtaining and payment of relevant local permits and permissions to film any part of the production listed as a required part of their final product. Failure to obtain such permission and therefore not film such items shall not give right to the cancellation or non acceptance of final product by the Client.

c) Release Forms / Advice Notice: It is the responsibility of the Client to inform guests and workers present on the property to be included in the production of the filming and to obtain the relevant release forms duly signed by guests or staff where necessary by distribution of notice of filming. 

d) Third Party Agreements: Any third party agreements to be executed in connection with the Production Services may be entered into by Catalyst Agency in its own name provided that the terms thereof shall not conflict with this Agreement or the Approved Quote. Catalyst Agency shall obtain from all third parties with whom it contracts in connection with the Video, to the extent possibly having regard to the applicable union and guild agreements, an irrevocable assignment of the result and proceeds of their work in connection with the Video in all media throughout the universe in perpetuity.




a) Except as set forth otherwise in this Agreement, Client shall be solely responsible for the payment for the Video as set out in the Quote or Invoice and agreed costs. Any additions which would cause the Approved Quote on the payment due to be exceeded either in nature or amount of expense shall require the prior written approval of Client ("Approved Overages"). Client shall be solely responsible for all Approved Overages.

b) Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement as full and final compensation for the Production Services and all rights granted to Client hereunder, Client shall pay to Catalyst Agency an amount equal to:

i) the actual costs of production of the Video that are incurred by Catalyst Agency pursuant to the Quote or Invoice, if any (the "Production Costs")

ii) A deposit payment and or further payments shall be paid by client to Catalyst Agency prior to the commencement of production of the Video and post production as agreed and set out in the Quote and / or Invoice.

iii) The balance shall be paid to Catalyst Agency within 14 days of review of the final product unless otherwise specified and agreed between Client and Catalyst Agency.



5.1 Catalyst Agency shall reserve the right to feature any Video produced by Catalyst Agency for the Client on Catalyst Agency website (www.catalystagency.co.uk) under 'Our Work' / 'Portfolio' section unless otherwise agreed.



6.1 In consideration of, and subject to, the final payment of full fees due to Catalyst Agency by the Client, Catalyst Agency hereby assigns to the Client with full title guarantee all the present and future copyright and other intellectual property rights howsoever arising in the content.




7.1 Final production details and creativity shall be at the discretion of Catalyst Agency

7.2 Catalyst Agency makes no warranties or representations with respect to materials supplied by or mandated by Client.

7.3 Client shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Catalyst Agency (and Catalyst Agency Limited parent, affiliated and subsidiary entities, assignees and licensees and their respective employees, shareholders, officers, directors and agents) from and against any and all damages, costs, claims, losses, and expenses (including reasonable legal fees and costs) arising out of any breach by Client of any representation or warranty or obligation entered into herein.

7.4 Catalyst Agency reserves the right to postpone, extend or reschedule video shoots due to unfavourable weather conditions, in which circumstances accommodation for extended stays will be supplied, however the original production quote and cost will not be affected. However additional costs may be liable if Client delays or reschedules a shoot which causes the extended hiring, re-hiring of additional or alternative crew than those used on the originally planned shoot.

7.5 Catalyst Agency is not responsible for re-shoots and / or re-edits due to subsequent property re-modelling, renovation, inclement weather or program and product changes within the same production and quote.

7.6 Re-edits of product due to changes will incur additional charges as quoted separately by Catalyst Agency


8.1 This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with British Law.